iQLife is proud to introduce the "Two Stream" business model.

The Visionary: Ivy Johnson.


With his background in marketing and advertising, Ivy recognized the significance of the dynamic tension growing between marketing, advertising and social media. It had become clear that the relationship between the user and the social media platform was coming to a place where these were contending against each other for the economic benefit of data that had previously belonged exclusively to the user.

Social media platforms are making outrageous profits from the value of the data shared by their users. The users are giving up more and more privacy, losing true security while exposing their information and contacts to more numerous and more widespread threats to their personal information and their expanding digital footprint. Ivy took his desire to launch a new social media platform and began the process of researching the history of social media, the current trends and the behavioral patterns of users.

One day, as he was casually scrolling through his news feed, he noticed a post from an old friend who was in crisis and needed immediate help. It was at this point that the iQLife vision was catapulted into the next level. This is when Ivy and his team began designing the "Two Streams" business model combining strategic products/services more clearly designed to protect the user, the user's data, and the user's very personal information with a very lucrative compensation plan.

The first stream is designed to establish a strong core of lead marketers and business builders from around the world and from all walks of life who simply build teams of Affiliates that promote and share iQLife's world class Digital Services to the end user and earn commissions from these sales through their connected social grid. By purchasing any of iQLife's powerful Digital Services and getting yourself in position as an Affiliate/"First Inviter", you will also receive a special BONUS giving you access to the iQUnite social media platform as a Beta Tester. As an Affiliate/First Inviter, you will have the ability to build YOUR team of Affiliates/First Inviters earning commissions from the sale of iQLife's Digital Services and assembling YOUR team for capturing maximum market share when we go into the "Public Invitation" phase.

The second stream (Not open to the public yet) is designed to create a worldwide social media movement! Social media users are experiencing an "Awakening" of sorts as the world is finally becoming aware of the realty of how social media works and the real, substantial value the "user" actually brings to these various social media platforms.

iQLife's social media platform (Currently in Beta Testing and not live to the public yet) is a beautiful and engaging place, fun for every user.  There are currently hundreds of billions of dollars being generated across the various existing social media platforms. With that in mind, we have designed a personal invitation only, social media platform. Once we go live to the public, iQLife will reward all of our Affiliates and Socialites when they send an invitation which results in a new profile creation. The important part here is, from that point forward, everyone is connected to their "Inviter" for life!

With this "Two Stream" business model, iQLife is building a bridge of connectivity between the "Paid" Affiliate stream and the "Free" Socialite stream, making this a very unique and powerful business model! People will be willing to come check out a brand new social media platform for free when invited by someone they know, especially a social media platform that rewards them for inviting and connecting.

We also know that there are some who will want to be more than just a Socialite and will be looking to earn extra income by promoting the powerful iQLife Digital Services, thereby earning commissions as a "paid Affiliate." This "Two Stream" approach, as well as our strategic current and future plans for monetization, is what really sets iQLife apart from any other business or social media platform that exists.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we create a movement to take back social media!







iQLife is excited to introduce our line of Digital Services that address the most pressing issues anyone living an online lifestyle faces every day. From protecting your computer to your personal identity and credit, to backing up and protecting your data, and most of all giving you access to complete tech support - iQLife has you covered! We also offer web-based services that will provide solutions from video conferencing to unified messaging.

Some of the iQLife services include:




iQDefender Antispyware &
Antivirus Internet security systems

iQDefender will keep your PC safe from all kinds of cyber-threats including password stealers, trojans, key-loggers and other malware. (This includes a single iQDefender user license - iQDefender is not compatible with iOS operating systems.)


iQTelemed Individual/Family programs

iQTelemed provides members with access to top quality, cost-effective medical care and health care savings anytime, anywhere. Our network of U.S. board-certified doctors are available to resolve non-emergency medical issues by phone or via online video, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


iQIDLock services/Advanced ID Protection

iQIDLock services provide members with the sense of security that comes from advanced identity monitoring and alerts, 24/7 lost wallet assistance, guaranteed restoration services, ID theft insurance, and award winning computer protection software.


iQCreditWatch Credit
Monitoring Solution

iQCreditWatch is a credit monitoring solution that monitors bureau activity and alerts members to any reported changes on their credit report, in addition to providing innovative tools and resources to help ensure credit wellness.





iQTechSupport 24/7/365 Tech Support

iQTechSupport offers tech support services 24/7/365 through our U.S. based support center. Our tech team logs on to your PC remotely using our advanced remote desktop application. Our support techs will perform a best practices assessment to offer suggestions for improved performance and security of your PCs. (This includes a single iQDefender user license - iQDefender is not compatible with iOS operating systems.)


iQUcast Web & Video Conferencing Platform

iQUcast Web & Video Conferencing allows users to share audio, high-quality video, and presentation files via web conference with clients, co-workers, prospects, and vendors. It’s all done over the they won’t have any software hassles.


iQBlackBox data backup services

iQBlackBox data backup services provide enterprise-class remote data backup solutions, including backup, sync, and share capabilities that support data security and recoverability across an unlimited number of devices.



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iQLife is not just a global technology company, it's also one of the best international income opportunities available today.

iQLife was founded to provide independent professionals from around the world the opportunity to earn a solid part or full-time income, marketing the entire line of iQLife Digital Services without giving up their full-time career.

We believe that the iQLife Affiliates are the lifeblood of the business and we champion the part-time independent professional looking to launch their home-based business.


iQLife has taken some of the most powerful components of other popular compensation models and created a completely unique, customized, hybrid compensation plan. Our compensation plan features the unique ability for a Socialite/"Free user" to earn commissions from any of their personal connections who purchase any of iQLife's powerful Digital Services. It also features a "3x15 Social Grid" that gives our Affiliates the opportunity to earn commissions on over 21.5 million connections.

In addition to the Social Grid residuals, our compensation plan also has a very lucrative and rewarding Social Grid check matching bonus which rewards those who build large teams of leaders. How many people do you want to earn matching money from? This key feature is why iQLife is seeing leaders from all across the globe becoming part of the iQLife movement. When you see the powerful simplicity of this plan along with the ability to invite the world to connect with you for free on iQUnite, you'll see that our future isn't just bright, it's blinding!

Our Global Payment solution is designed to expand as we continue to grow the iQLife business model. Highlighted features include the ability to transfer funds from your commission account to a bank account or a re-loadable credit card or bank card you may already possess, user friendly interface, and the convenience to access your account from anywhere at any time giving you complete control of your commissions and payments.

Review the iQLife compensation plan below!
*iQLife is prohibited to transact business with citizens from certain countries sanctioned by the U.S.A.




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Ivy Johnson



More Ivy Johnson, an American entrepreneur, currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Ivy specializes in identifying companies that are "sleeping giants," rolling up his sleeves and awakening their true potential.

Ivy's unique leadership has brought dynamic, enlightened strategies to dozens of companies and driven sales of more than half a billion dollars in the competitive industries of automotive sales and finance, direct sales, network marketing, currency exchange, gaming and advertising.

Ivy is currently engaged with multiple business ventures while constantly searching the globe for the next "IT."

Ivy is involved in several local and national nonprofit organizations. His heart for youth athletics and direct participation in leadership exemplifies his care and dedication to seeing others reach their full potential.

Tom Wharton



More J. Thomas Wharton has had a successful law practice assisting business owners, entrepreneurs and dreamers of all types to achieve their personal and business goals. An effective listener and communicator, Tom is sought after as an adviser on structuring and implementing business and personal planning solutions. His ability to take complex issues and break them down into concrete achievable steps is an integral part of the success of iQLife and the Brand Partners. Tom has enjoyed the success of involvement in numerous entrepreneurial ventures outside of his practice including marketing, software development, social services and medical support services. His past experiences translate easily into the leadership skills that will contribute to the company's success.

A native of San Antonio, Texas, Tom exemplifies the independent "can do spirit" for which Texans are known. His heart is devoted to the success of others, seeing himself as a servant leader to assist others in being the very best they can achieve. His loyal client base represents virtually every category of industry and spans multiple states. Tom began his legal career with Arthur Andersen & Co where, also licensed as a Certified Public Accountant, he assisted in writing the firm wide training program on tax planning for closely held businesses. He has continued to provide sound, practical advice, assisting business leaders in limiting their financial risk by applying sound financial principles to daily decisions.

Tom and his wife Diane, a widely respected teacher, reside in the Dallas, Texas, metroplex, where they have raised three now adult daughters. They are involved in numerous charitable endeavors through their church, in the community and through national and international foundations. Tom enjoys music and tries to enjoy golf in his free time.

Kevin Johnson



More A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Kevin was born into a successful entrepreneurial family. Kevin was immersed in the marketing culture at an early age, learning by assisting his parents in various profitable network marketing ventures. He observed the secrets of success as a marketer and networker firsthand from experienced successful industry legends, developing the communication skills that have made him into a natural leader. His ability to communicate, encourage and edify others brings a special strength to the organization.

As a young adult, Kevin found his niche in the Atlanta radio scene, becoming a remote show host personality for one of the largest top 40 radio stations in the Atlanta market. Having real life, on the job training in the areas of promotions and marketing, Kevin developed into one of Atlanta's best known professional emcees, a skill that brings a specialty onto the company's calls.

Kevin's experience and love of people has always kept him networking with others and building lasting relationships. A true "Connector" with a gift for communicating as well as listening has helped Kevin succeed in a variety of settings.

Network marketing comes natural to Kevin, resulting in multiple successful teams built in the industry over the past 15 years. Sharing those building skills with the entire organization by crossing over to the corporate side of the industry is the next step in the natural progression in Kevin's life story. The Company welcomes Kevin as he brings all of his skills, talent, ability, understanding of the industry and his love for people to iQLife.

Kevin, his wife April and their son Nathan reside in the Atlanta metropolitan area where they are actively involved in their church ministries. Kevin is musically talented, leading the praise and worship team for his church.

Marty Johnson



More Marty Johnson has 25 years of high-level management experience including roles as an Owner, VP of Sales & Director of Operations. In addition, he has 20 years experience in the Direct Sales industry where he along with his wife Libby built several large organizations. His entrepreneurial experience also includes successful Real Estate and Service related businesses.

Marty's expertise in organizational development and implementation will provide the anchor needed for managing and organizing the “chaos” that is typically associated with rapid growth into a successful thriving organization. His solid reputation in business practices and his passion for excellence will serve him well in his role to create a solid infrastructure for iQLife.

Marty and his wife Libby have been married for 25 years and have raised 3 wonderful children. They cherish their “family time” together and all share a common love of sports and sporting activities including the “friendly” competition that comes with it. They all enjoy traveling which includes large family vacations at the beach during the summer and skiing in the winter. They are active in their community and church.


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